Hey, my name's Tira and I am the maker of all things at Skanking Swede!

I started off making jazzy jewels during the pandemic I'd lost all my event work and was furloughed from my bar job. Suddenly I had a tonne of time and nothing to do so I started making! My partner bought me some polymer clay for Christmas so I got my colours out and started experimenting. What sets Skanking Swede apart is I draw and create every stencil and then hand cut the clay. There is no cutters involved just 1 girl a heap of colourful clay and a scalpel! My designs have become more and more elaborate over the years with my catalogue now reaching over 300 stencil designs!

Skanking Swede champions colour, vibrancy and positivity.

What sets Skanking Swede apart is joyful design executed with carefully hand cut polymer clay to create treasures that are truly distinctive and a celebration of individuality. Drawing vast inspiration everywhere from 60s Psychedelia to 90s Hip Hop culture, executed with a strong ethos of manual creation.

All Skanking Swede pieces are completely unique, they transcend seasonal trends and set the standard for modern, fun and independent jewellery.

Spreading Love and Colour in a Concrete Jungle.

You can shop more jewellery styles HERE as well as Tees & Tote Bags here!

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